About Us 

Revised 8/6/2013  (Changes in Bold) 

ALSCOAutoAuction.com is a subsidiary of American Lenders Service Co., the nation’s largest collateral repossession company.  We are an online advertising venue, commonly known as an online auction. We provide remarketing and related services to banks, finance companies, leasing companies, rental companies, commercial lenders and other credit grantors throughout North America.

ALSCOAutoAuction.com was established to provide its clients with an alternative remarketing solution.  It allows the seller to maximize their net recovery from the sale of repossessed assets by eliminating various fees charged by most voice auctions.   Unless the seller requires additional services from ALSCOAutoAuction.com we charge the seller absolutely nothing!

Most major voice auctions charge the seller a variety of fees, which may include, without limitation, a sale listing fee, storage, a charge for mechanical service, mechanical reconditioning, body repair, fuel, transport, clean-up, and make-ready.  Additionally, most voice auctions charge a  sellers” fee.   Furthermore, most mainstream voice auctions also charge the buyer a fee for use of the voice auction facility.

By contrast, ALSCOAutoAuction.com, using the power of the internet, accepts bids on all listed items from licensed dealers.  All titled items are sold in an “as is” condition, thus eliminating the seller’s need to spend additional money transporting the goods to a voice auction location.  By using the power of the internet to sell their off-lease and repossessed collateral, sellers can avoid paying the various “junk” fees listed above that are normally associated with many mainstream voice auctions. 

ALSCOAutoAuction.com does not charge the Seller a Seller’s fee. Only the purchasing dealer is charged a reasonable, progressive “buyer’s” fee for the use of our internet auction service.

When listing items for sale, the seller must have "negotiable title" to the items being sold. Each item must remain on the website a period of (3) to (14) days from the date the item is placed on the website.   Re-runs may be listed for an additional (3) to(14) days with no re-run fee.

This is a truly revolutionary cost-cutting remarketing alternative.  Our services are very simple and straightforward!  There are no frills; no waste, and no nonsense!  Best of all, there is no Seller's fee!