Seller Information 

Revised 8/6/2013  (Changes in Bold) 

If you are a leasing company, rental company, bank, credit union, finance company or other commercial lender, and you are looking for a better solution to reducing your losses from remarketing of repossessed or off-lease inventory, can help.

Our online auto auction has eliminated most fees commonly associated with voice auto auction services by making your inventory available to a vast number of dealer/buyers in an "as is" condition. This eliminates unnecessary and costly reconditioning expenses commonly charged by most voice auto auctions.  Unlike most voice auto auctions that charge both the buyer and the seller a sale fee,, in most cases, charges the seller nothing! Instead, we charge only the purchasing dealer a small fee for each item purchased.

Upon registering to use our website, will issue its seller/clients a "SELLER’S IDENTIFICATION NUMBER." This will allow you to selectively access, at any time, exclusive of all other listings, your entire inventory (organized by field location). This report will also give you the status of the sale process, including the high bid pending and the proposed date to end the bidding process on each unit. This single report will allow you to monitor the bidding activity on all of your items that are being listed by

When listing items on our website, the seller must be prepared to provide copies of "negotiable title" (see User Agreement section 6) and other paperwork requested on all items requiring title, and originals within three business days of notice of a winning bid. All automobile types, including cars, pickups, light duty trucks, vans, and SUV’s, plus motorcycles, ATV’s, personal watercraft, and small boats up to 20 feet in length, must be listed for (5) days from the date the listing is activated (auction sale begins).  All other items, including titled and non-titled heavy equipment, marine goods, aircraft, and miscellaneous office and electronic equipment must be listed for (3) to (14) days from the date the listing is activated. (Seller’s choice.) Any exceptions are at the sole discretion of management.

Once an item is listed, it cannot be removed prior to the auction ending date, and it may not be offered for sale at any other location or venue during the active auction listing. Sellers may not bid on their own listed items.

Seller’s Storage: The seller must honor its obligation (if any) to pay storage to the business where the item is located up to the date the listing is activated (auction sale begins).  During the first period of time that the online auction is active (5 days), the storage location will agree to forego storage. If any auction sale is unsuccessful (the item is not sold), storage will once again accrue in favor of the storage location until the item is sold on a re-run auction or is removed from storage by the seller. If any auction sale is successful (the item is sold), storage charges to the seller will end and storage charges to the buyer may begin. (See Buyer Information for additional information on buyer storage charges.)

Payment of Sales Proceeds: When an auction sale is successful (the item is sold), the seller must provide negotiable title and/or other paperwork required by the buyer’s state (State of Buyer’s licensure as a Dealer for titled items) within three business days of notice of a winning bid, to (see User Agreement section 6). The buyer must provide certified funds in payment of sales proceeds to within the same three business days. Once both title and proceeds are received at, the item will be authorized for release to the buyer. The buyer must exercise its obligation to inspect and accept or reject the item within the five business days from the date the item is authorized for release to the buyer. If the buyer fails to exercise its obligation to inspect the item within this inspection period, the sale becomes absolute and the sale is confirmed. Once personnel have confirmed that the buyer has accepted the item, or that the inspection period has lapsed without rejection, sales proceeds will be forwarded to the seller.

By virtue of listing items on, each seller acknowledges and agrees with these terms and conditions. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS VENUE.

In order to obtain specific information regarding the process of listing an item on our website, simply call at 432-332-9545 or email